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What is a "Retrofit"?

Definition: Addition of a component/accessory to something that did not have it when manufactured.

"Power is nothing without control. Retrofitting is the process of installing a xenon or bi-xenon projector into a reflector based halogen headlight. It is the best HID headlight upgrade possible since the projector will control the light into a properly dispersed, non-glaring beam pattern." - The Retrofit Source

We guarantee that retrofitting in HID or LED projectors into your vehicle can be the best upgrade to your night time driving experience. Even most of the best-equipped vehicles fall short to the highest quality HID projector kits we carry and install. Superior width, brightness and cutoff ensures you can see further down road, further to the sides and, most importantly, not glare other motorists,

All custom retrofits begin with the lights being opened by heating within an oven to soften the OEM sealant between lens and housing. After the lenses are removed, all components are removed and disassembled for the next steps; either Paint, or fitting and trimming. Once all is fitted, trimmed and painted, we carefully reassemble and reseal the lights. 

Sounds pretty straightforward, yeah?

What is not stated is the tedious and meticulous process of making it all come together securely while still looking stunning. When adding an accessory to a light that was not designed to fit, things can get a little... tight. That does not matter, however, as our team has successfully retrofitted hundreds of lights across all makes and models. 

Every build that passes through us leaves with the pride of being the best that it can be, no matter what is done to the light. From a simple open and paint up to a "hex" retrofit (6 projectors), we carefully and professionally dissect and improve your vehicle's forward lighting system and ensure you are happy with your end product.

Quad Headlight Projector Retrofit HID in a GR 08 - 14 Impreza WRX STi by Blackout Retro

Quad Headlight Projector Retrofit HID in a GR 08 - 14 Impreza WRX STi by Blackout Retro

Retrofit Types

Dodge Ram with upgraded projector system

Projector Upgrade Service

Many modern or higher-end vehicles from the mid 2000s and newer came with halogen bulb or HID projector headlights from the factory. Even with this "top of the line" equipment, many lack the output desired for ideal driving conditions in poorly lit areas. Our projector upgrade service allows you to utilize technologically advanced optical systems in your car with minimal modifications to the housings.

This service starts at $160, including the opening and resealing of the headlight housing. We can upgrade your projectors from single beam (low beam or high beam only) to bixenon or biLED (low and high beam) with our selection of products to fit your budget. You can also opt for paint, halos, demon eyes, or additional services while we have the lights open, depending on your style.

Image courtesy of ONEighty NYC

Single Projector Retrofit Service

Most vehicles pre 2015 come equipped with halogen reflector bowl optics. These often large chrome bubbles on the front face of a car can sometimes make even a brand new vehicle look outdated, or dare I say... ugly. 

Adding in a projector to a reflector bowl not only improves function significantly, it also improves form. From a warm yellow-ish blur to a sharp bright white beam, you won't just see better, you'll feel better too.

Our projector retrofit service is as low $175 for some models, most often around $185 to $210 for the majority of vehicles that come in and out of our shop. Add paint, halos, demon eyes or other accessories to make your car pop, or keep it clean with simple upgrade. The choice is yours. 


Dual Projector Retrofit Service or Auxiliary Retrofit (Quad)

Is a single projector not enough? Do you want double the output? Say no more, Fam. 

With this service, not only do you have the benefit of a pair of high quality optical projectors, but instead you get four! The main reason for doing a quad build is for both increased output and the benefit of attractive styling. Have you ever seen four demon eyes glaring at you down the freeway? Look at the picture... and now you have.

We can do this service in a couple of ways; firstly, doing an auxiliary projector modification to a high beam bowl on a car equipped with low beam projectors, or, 'fitting all four in a dual reflector bowl headlight. 

If your vehicle came equipped with projectors and you want to use them PLUS additional output, then the auxiliary is right for you. 

Another benefit of a quad build is combining the strengths of two different projector styles into a single beam. Want wide and intense?  EVOX-R with an S2K. Boom! The selection of combinations is wide, and the choice is yours.

Service varies from $155 to $275 depending on vehicle and selections.