Blackout Retrofit Workshop, LLC WARRANTY AND POLICY INFO:

REV 19.04.09023

Warranty policy: 

Blackout Retrofit Workshop warranty protects against defects in workmanship and parts according to the terms outlined below. This warranty excludes claims resulting from conditions outlined within the document. It applies only to the original purchaser and is not transferable. Within the document, the terms “BlackoutRetro” is interchangeable with Blackout Retrofit Workshop and is a registered trademark of Blackout Retrofit Workshop, LLC.

By accessing Blackout Retrofit Workshop, you hereby agree to be bound by terms and conditions and accept all disclaimers and limitations of liability expressed therein. Use of products sold through Blackout Retrofit Workshop is at the consumer's own risk. Proper installation and proper use of all products must be followed for optimal safety and performance. BlackoutRetro does not accept responsibility for improper use, alterations, and installation of any products or services. All products sold and manufactured by BlackoutRetro are for off-road use only.

Warranty for SERVICES is 36 months from date of final invoice. 

Products that have been installed in a vehicle are not viable for return or exchange unless agreed upon. 

Blackout Retrofit Workshop does not offer refunds on custom builds

All PARTS are warrantied per manufacturer warranty, as notated individually per product, unless notated during sale. 

Blackout Retrofit Workshop LLC is not responsible for failure(s) due to abuse, misuses, accident(s), or unauthorized alteration or repairs

All warranties begin on the day of purchase or day of delivery, whichever provides the longest warranty to the customer.

Product(s) being returned/exchanged must be in their original condition as they were received.

Warranty does not cover breakage due to improper installation or handling.

Warranty does not cover any malfunction to vehicle or vehicles on board computer system and its components.


Blackout Retrofit Workshop, LLC. cannot/does not provide any type of guarantee or warranty on customer supplied parts.

Customer supplied parts are defined as a part or parts provided by the customer, not purchased through BlackoutRetro.

We cannot provide a guarantee that the parts will fit and/or function as expected. In the event of a warranty or issue with the product(s) provided, we cannot provide free labor to diagnose the part(s). Please feel free to contact the retailer that the product(s) came from to determine warranty status of your part(s).

In the event of a warranty dispute, please feel free to share our contact information with the retailer you have purchased the parts from.

Blackout Retrofit Workshop is free of liability on any and all customer supplied parts. In the event that a part or parts do not fit, labor charges may and will still apply for the time to assemble, disassemble and/or testing.


During the colder months, a change in weather or improper venting/seal is installed, you may notice “fog” or “water droplets” on the inside lens of your headlights.

If you notice condensation, please allow up to a week for it to pass (Headlights have vents that allow moisture to escape, essentially allowing the headlight to “breathe”) before contacting.

Condensation is a naturally occurring condition that can affect any light. It does not suggest a defect in a product, as opposed to what happens when a leak occurs, in which case there is water intrusion, forming droplets or small pools of water. The explanation contained herein is intended to help end users differentiate between these two conditions so they understand what, if anything, needs to be done.

Condensation does not cause a problem with normal operation of the light and is, therefore, NOT considered to be a defect or warrantable condition. 

Blackout Retrofit Workshop headlights are designed to allow moisture to escape and not reenter, but it can take time for the moisture to evaporate.

Water intrusion describes water that leaks into the light, forming large droplets or pooling of water that is clearly visible. 

If a headlight or fog light experiences water intrusion as the result of physical abuse and/or misuse, it would not constitute a manufacturing defect. 

Otherwise, water intrusion caused by a defect in workmanship is a warrantable item.

In the event of excess condensation within a headlight housing built by BlackoutRetrofitWorkshop, LLC, please feel free to contact us.

Our services provide a guarantee of 36 months from install date to address issues due to water intrusion, leakage and defective parts due to moisture damage. Customized fog lights are not included under this warranty due to the low-sitting nature of these products and their lack of reliable sealing options. Manufacturer warranty also is not valid for items installed in customized fog lights. 

Warranty does NOT apply when:

-Improper/unauthorized  bulbs are used/installed by party other than BlackoutRetro*

-Damage to vehicle and/or headlight housing

-Weather damage (Hurricane/Flood/Sunlight damage)

-Wiring has been altered

-Products are not in the original condition of receipt

-Condensation not due to water intrusion

-Condensation does not cause a problem with normal operation of the light and is, therefore, NOT considered to be a defect or warrantable condition.

*Bulb replacement does NOT automatically void warranty; please contact us if you are unsure what we authorize for replacements and what we don’t. 


If there are any blemishes or peeling, or otherwise damage to paint work, either at time of installation or within a year of service, we will cover paint restoration free of charge.

Warranty is void when:

-Improper/unauthorized bulbs are used/installed by party other than BlackoutRetro*

-Damage to vehicle and/or headlight housing

-Weather damage (Hurricane/Flood/Sunlight damage – including the condition of sunlight magnification due to projector lens causing “lens burn”)

-Wiring has been altered

-Products are not in the original condition of receipt

*Bulb replacement does NOT automatically void warranty; please contact us if you are unsure what we authorize for replacements and what we don’t.

If 36 months have passed since date of receipt, and any issues have arisen, please feel free to contact and warranty can be extended on a case by case basis.

If warranty does not cover damages, a minimum fee for whichever required headlight repair service will apply, as well as any additional labor/product fees.


All products are covered via manufacturer warranty, and must fall within the guidelines of the specific product warranty to be considered for replacement. In the event of an issue with product, please contact Blackout Retrofit Workshop LLC for further information and instructions.

In the event of a failure of a product installed by BlackoutRetro, this warranty covers labor costs to diagnose and repair the product should it be deemed a failure due to installation technique ONLY. Should the product fail due to misuse/abuse/neglect*, warranty is voided, and labor costs to repair the item/product will apply. 

DISCLAIMER: We DO NOT offer labor warranty on specific parts sold through BlackoutRetro, including, but not limited to certain Morimoto, Profile Pixel/Prism, and TRS products, XBT halos, XBT demon eyes, XBT controllers, Pivot halos, XB35/55 Ballasts, Pixel DRL Boards and others. The manufacturer warranty for these products still apply to all new products sold. 

If you are unsure of the specific products we do not warranty, please ask! We are happy to explain and offer warrantied products that will fit your application. A complete list of these products can be found below.

A non refundable fee for shipping is charged for return shipping/handling on any/all warranty issues/claims that are deemed to be in proper working condition determined by BlackoutRetro when shipping within the United States; outside of the United States requires customs and duties in which are to be paid by the recipient of any purchases and/or warranties.

If warranty claim is valid and no signs of above physical damage are visible, BlackoutRetro will bear shipping and handling return costs when shipping inside the United States.

In the event of a warranty claim, email Within 24 hours, you will receive a reply from a support team member with detailed instructions on our processes. Please note that we do not accept any warranty returns without a valid receipt/invoice from you or in our records.

Warranty is valid for item(s) used for their intended purposes and any/all warranties are void if item(s) are used for uses other than those they are intended for. Warranty is valid for the original purchaser only. 

*Neglect is defined as failure to care for properly. It’s use in this warranty document is to specify that if a problem or issue does arise, it is important to address the problem quickly to avoid further physical and electrical damage. We cannot be held responsible for damages beyond that of the original reported issue, if there is no attempt to notify Blackout Retrofit Workshop LLC. Should there be obvious neglect to address an initially small problem, we can only cover a portion of the warranty for the damaged/failing item. 


1. Terms & Conditions Of Sale:  Products sold by Blackout Retro come with a 14 day return policy. A restocking fee of 20% may apply abt our discretion  for all returned merchandise. Special order items and clearance sales are final. Return shipping cost is at the buyers expense. All labor fees/costs are final. Delivery and/or trip fees incurred are final/cannot be refunded. If determined defective, and within manufactures warranty period (as defined below in warranty section), at the discretion of Blackout Retrofit Workshop staff, can they approve an exchange/return/refund.  


HID lighting is intended for off-road use only.  Check with your local law enforcement for complete laws and regulations regarding aftermarket lighting for your vehicle.

2. Shipping and Handling: Our shipping department ships all in-stock items within 2 business days of your purchase from our warehouse via USPS, FedEx and UPS depending on size and end destination. All items purchased via our website will be shipped with tracking number and/or delivery confirmation provided within two business days (usually within 24 hours). Shipping times given are estimated from the above service providers and are not guaranteed. Shipping times can vary per carrier and time of year.

NON-LOCAL builds require a deposit of at least 25% of total build invoice. We can either accept new headlights to work on, or we can turn around existing headlights within a predetermined time frame of receipt and send them out the door. 

Most custom building services take at least 7-13 days to ship, customize, test, pack and re ship. Please keep this in mind when opting to send out a pair of lights for your vehicle.

Customers are responsible for any shipping or import fees to and from our location. Final invoice will be mailed out via email. If the customer has not set up return shipping method prior to build completion, we will set up return shipping via USPS and invoice shipping cost + fees to return the lights to customer.

3. Return Policy:   No returns and/or exchanges for used or open box product.  Returns for un-opened and un-used product in its original packaging may be returned within 14 days of purchase; restocking fee(s) may apply. 

Products that have been installed in a vehicle are not viable for return or exchange unless agreed upon. 

Blackout Retrofit Workshop does not offer refunds on custom builds. 

4. Non-Labor Warrantied items:  Due to a high failure rate associated with certain products that we carry and install, we have suspended labor warranty, such as replacement involving removal of bumpers, lights, opening of lights or dismounting of accessories, on many items. We are still willing to sell and install the products listed, but can not provide additional labor for anything other than diagnostic of failures, should the issue arise. 

The reasons for this is that not only does it provide a headache for our customers whom should expect top quality from Blackout Retro, but it also costs us lots of time and resources to repair. We are happy to recommend and install high quality items with long lifespans that do not have as high of a failure rate to ensure that the quality of the customized products we produce is not affected. 

Manufacturer warranty does still apply to each and every product on the list, so long as it’s not a clearance item, and that it does come with an outlined individual manufacturer warranty policy. 

The items that have been suspended from our labor warranty are listed below:

Specific parts sold through BlackoutRetro, including, but not limited to certain 


•Profile Pixel/Prism, 

•TRS products, 

•XBT halos, 

•XBT demon eyes, 

•XBT controllers, 

•Profile Prism RGB HALOS

•Profile Prism RGB Demon eyes

•Profile Prism RGB Strips

•Profile Pixel DRL Boards,

•Profile Prism Vehicle specific Boards,

•Profile Pivot halos, 

•Profile Pivot Strips

•Profile Peak Single Color demon eyes

•ACME LED bulbs

•ACME SpeedyStart Ballasts

•Morimoto XB35 Ballasts, 

•Morimoto XB55 Ballasts, 

•Pixel DRL Boards 

•Profile Pixel RGB Rock Lights

•Profile Powerhouse Ballasts 

•LEDConcepts Demon Eyes

•LEDConcepts RGB halosDue Due to

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